“Tiger” Hydrogen Fuel Cell BusDate:2018-08-10

“Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell buses are designed and manufactured by Wuhan Tiger together with Wuhan Skywell, a domestic well-known new energy vehicles manufacturer. The bus has acquired announcement by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and satisfies conditions for whole-vehicle selling.

The bus is 8.5m in length, and can hold 49 passengers at maximum. It carries Tiger 40KM fuel cell power system, making it with stronger power, smaller size and longer service life. And it is also matched with an 80km motor engine, allowing maximum power input of 150km. The bus is equipped with six 140L hydrogen storage tanks, with each tank storing 3kg of hydrogen.

Calculated by the uniform velocity method of 40km, the bus can run 450km. Under the condition of full load, the bus can run over 300km.