Trial Riding “Skywell • Tiger” Hydrogen Bus by Wan GangDate:2018-11-16

On the morning of November 15, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, learned ithe research and development and operation of “Skywell • Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell power bus indetailsat Future Science and Technology City at East Lake High-tech Development Zone of Wuhan.

Wan Gang pointed out that Wuhan municipal government has been continuallyattachedgreat importance to the research and development of fuel cell and fuel cell vehicles are essential to the overalltransformation and upgrading of vehicles. He also trial rode the “Skywell • Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell power bus.

Wu Bo (first from the right), deputygeneral manager of Tiger, introducing the situation to ChairmanWan Gang (the one in the middle).

The “Skywell • Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell power buses are jointly developed by Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Skywell Automobile Co., Ltd. Its trial run as Line 359 publicbusat East Lake High-tech Development Zone of Wuhan startedon September 28 of this year whichmarked that hydrogen fuel cellbuses inWuhan hasfully enter the stage of commercial demonstration operation.

On June 25 of last year, at the international seminar of the nineteenth annual meeting of China Association for Science and Technology themed “Future Travel – Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Intelligent Vehicle Technology”, Wan Gang said, hydrogen featureswithvarioussources, stablelarge-scale storage, sustainable supply easylong-distance transportation andquickrefueling processetc.. Given the characteristics above, hydrogen and electric power will co-exist and complement each otherfor future vehicles, jointly supporting the development of new energy vehicle industry.

On 23th of last month, Wan Gang said at the Third International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress that hydrogen is becoming an important direction of global energy technological revolution and a part of future energy strategy. With the characteristicoflarge-scale storage, transportation and utilization of renewable energy, hydrogen can be widely applied to various fields such as transportation, industrial production and family life.