Trial Run of the First Hydrogen Bus Demonstration Line in Wuhan Launch of the First Hydrogen Refueling Station in WuhanDate:2018-09-29

In the golden autumn season and before the National Day, the new energy industry in Wuhanreported a new success. On September 28, the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell buses jointly developed by Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Tiger”) and Wuhan Skywell New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was trial run on Bus Line 359 at the East Lake High-tech Development Zone in Wuhan. On the same day, the first hydrogen refueling station built by Wuhan Zhongji Hydrogen Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongji Hydrogen”) was launched, marking that the hydrogen fuel cell buses in Wuhan fully enter the stage of commercial demonstration operation.

The bus line No. 359 in China Optics Valley runs from Zuoling Avenue to Weilai Third Road, covering a total length of 12km with 16 stations. The hydrogen refueling station near the terminal station of line No. 359 has a daily hydrogenation capacity of 300kg, which can conveniently guarantee hydrogen refueling of buses for demonstration operation. It takes only a few minutes to refueling one hydrogen fuel cell bus each time, and one refueling can support a mileage of over 400km. The vehicles discharge only pure water but no pollutant such as carbon dioxide in travel, actually realizing zero pollution.

The first batch of two hydrogen fuel cell buses put into operation by Wuhan was jointly developed by Wuhan Tiger, a hydrogen vehicle industry innovation and development platform jointly established by Wuhan municipal government, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Tongji University, and Wuhan Skywell New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. The large-scale production model was released at East Lake High-tech Development Zone on December 28 of last year. After continuous commission and optmization, various indicators of the vehicle have been further improved, result in a better performance. The vehicle can fully meet demands of road test operation and requirements on commercialization promotion. The vehicle was included into the 307th batch of new vehicle product catalogue in the Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on April 13, and was listed in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (9th Batch in 2018) on September 6.

The core equipment of the first hydrogen refueling station in Wuhan was jointly developed and manufactured by Zhongji Hydrogen together with CNPC Hubei Branch, and Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holding Co., Ltd. It realized the integration of a intelligenthydrogen refueling equipment. It is designed with a daily refueling capacity of 300kg, which can satisfy the refueling demand of about 50 buses. Upholding the spirit of “promoting the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry by improving infrastructure at first”, Zhongji Hydrogen built two new industrial by-product hydrogen generation plants in Yunmeng and Qianjiang to provide high-purity hydrogen, with a total production capacity of 88 million cubic meters per year, these plantscan satisfy the refueling demand of around 4,500 buses. They will become the main energy source for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Hubei province in the following 3-5 years. At terminals of hydrogen refueling stations, Zhongji Hydrogen together with  CNPCplan to rebuild and expand the existing petro and CNG station to build up the hydrogen refueling stations, which will effectively utilize the urban land resources and achieve rapid promotion. 100 hydrogen refueling stations is planned to be built and put into operation in the next five years.

Wuhan Municipal Transport Commission clearly pointed out in the approval document of hydrogen fuel cell bus trial operation that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are one of the important directions for the development of new energy vehicles. Automobile industry is the pillar industry of Wuhan and development of hydrogen fuel cells has important strategic significance for Wuhan.

IGE is the holding company of Wuhan Tiger and Zhongji Hydrogen IGE. , as the only enterprise member of Wuhan hydrogen industrial development leading group, take hydrogen vehicles as the entry point, fully arranges the hydrogen industrial chain and integratie the strategic innovation resources worldwide in thisindustry. It creates a globally competitive hydrogen manufacturing industry with innovative design and system integration capabilities and builds a globally competitive hydrogen supply chain system, aims to seize the commanding heights of hydrogen industry.