Launch of Large-scale Production Model of “Skywell • Tiger” Hydrogen Bus in WuhanDate:2018-01-03

On December 28, “Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell engines developed by Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd., a hydrogen vehicle industry innovation and development platform jointly founded by IGE and Tongji University, and the large-scale production model of “Skywell • Tiger” hydrogen city bus jointly developed by Wuhai Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Skywell New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. were launched at Wuhan Future Science and Technology City.


(Hydrogen Bus)


(Chairman Hao Yiguo Hosting the Conference)

The module efficiency of “Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell engines is higher than that of similar products in China. Its fuel cell stacks features with high specific power, long service life, small volume and strong adaptability etc.. Its main technical indicators are cutting-edge in the world. The engines is capable of cold started at -20℃ and is equipped with the function of smart fault diagnosis. The service life of the engine can reach 10,000 hours. The engines will be used on passenger vehicles in the future and its endurance mileage can reach over 1,000km.

“Skywell · Tiger” hydrogen bus large-scale production model carries “Tiger” hydrogen fuel cell engine. 3-5 minutes’ hydrogen refueling can support over 450km of mileage. The hydrogen consumption is no higher than 5.2kg per 100km. It adopted fromthe classic bus model of Wuhan Skywell, with a clean and practical design. It is 8.5m in length and can hold 56 people at maximum. The fuel cell series model will be manufactured on a large scale in Wuhan together with china leading commercial vehicle manufacturing company--- Wuhan Skywell New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and will be put into  pilot operation at East Lake High-tech Development Zone in the second quarter of 2018. Subsequently, it will support Wuhan city of Hubei province to seize the highland of hydrogen vehicle industry.


(Ma Tiancai, chief scientist of National 863 Plan Fuel Cell Program of Tongji University and CTO of Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd., under interview)

At the release conference, Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Skywell signed a strategic agreement to jointly manufacture and sell 3,000 “Skywell · Tiger” hydrogen vehicles in the next two years. They will start from Wuhan and then expand to Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu to jointly promote the cultivation and development of hydrogen vehicle industry in China. Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd. also signed a purchase order of 100 hydrogen vehicles with Shengtian Meida.


(Huang Hongsheng, Chairman of Skywell Group, delivering a speech)

IGE and CNPC Hubei Branch signed a strategic agreement on construction of hydrogen refueling stations. It is planned to build the first demonstration hydrogen refueling station at East Lake High-tech Development Zone in 2018 and build 21 hydrogen refueling stations in Wuhan and Hubei Province in the following three years. The building of these hydrogen refueling stations will break through the biggest bottleneck for development of hydrogen vehicles in Wuhan and in Hubei province, promoting the development of hydrogen industry in a high speed. IGE also signed a cooperation agreement for joint hydrogen generation and supply with Gehua Group. The industrial by-product hydrogen generation method of Gehua Group can solve the problem of hydrogen source in the early stage of hydrogen vehicle development.

At the conference, IGE also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Hankou Bank Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Hubei Branch, Bank of China Hubei Branch and other financial institutions. Together with strategic investors, IGE launched a first-phase RMB 1 billion hydrogen industry fund in the first quarter of 2018 with the support of governmental guiding funds from East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan city and Hubei province. It aims to promote innovative and strategic development of hydrogen industry in Hubei province with scientific and technological finance.

IGE, an enterprise member of Wuhan hydrogen industrial development leading group, globally synergizes state-of-the-art hydrogen industry strategic innovation resources, carries out industrial investment and layout through the core resources on the hydrogen industrial value chain and promotes the gathering of globally leading talents, technologies, capitals and leading enterprises in hydrogen industry in Wuhan city and Hubei province. Recently, IGE received large amounts of social capitals from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, providing capital source for the comprehensive launch of hydrogen energy industry with hydrogen vehicles as the main part.