Xu Honglan holding A Meeting to Study and Promote the Development of Hydrogen Vehicle Industry in WuhanDate:2017-08-28

On the morning of July 15, Xu Honglan, deputy mayor of Wuhan, held a special meeting to study related work on speeding up the research and development and industrialization of key technologies for hydrogen vehicles in Wuhan and promoting the demonstration application and large-scale production of hydrogen vehicles.

Tu Shanfeng, deputy Secretary-general of the municipal government, presided over the meeting. Wang Yanxin, president of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wei Xuezhe, deputy president of the School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University, and Hao Yiguo, chairman of Tiger, respectively made explanations to preparation recommendations for the planning of hydrogen vehicle industry in Wuhan and explained the integration of innovative resources for hydrogen industry, and the demonstration and promotion program of Tiger hydrogen vehicles.

Wei Xuezhe introduced the development trend and current situation of fuel cell vehicles at home and abroad, and the necessity of developing planning for fuel cell vehicle industry. He suggested that the development of hydrogen industry shall pay more attention to top-level design, highlight planning, strengthen public service platform and infrastructure construction for hydrogen and focus on major scientific research projects.

Wang Yanxin explained the rapid development of the hydrogen industry in various countries in his speech. He focused on the progress of synergizing global leading innovation resources in hydrogen industry in Wuhan relying on IGE and put forward opinions on industrial policies and market traction support.

Hao Yiguo introduced the proposal of “Ten-Hundred-Thousand” to promote the demonstration operation of hydrogen passenger vehicles in Wuhan, vigorously promoting the rapid development of the hydrogen vehicle industry in Wuhan.

Xu Honglan fully affirmed the work and efforts of Tongji University, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Tiger in promoting the development of hydrogen industry. She said that hydrogen vehicle is a forward-looking project and an important direction for the future development of vehicle industry. Chinese government has corresponding policy inclinations for hydrogen vehicle industry and Wuhan municipal government also attaches great importance to it. Mayor Wan Yong is the leader of the leading group. All departments and units shall further unify thought, establish strategic composure and vision to embrace the new era, and focus on promoting and implementing it.

Xu Honglan also put forward specific requirements on establishing working mechanism and special planning for the development of hydrogen vehicle industry, the list of issues and problems in hydrogen industry development, landing project docking, demonstration line operation and construction of hydrogen refueling stations.

Relevant personnel from Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Land Planning Bureau, Municipal Transport Commission, Municipal Sports Bureau, Management Committee of East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Municipal Planning Research Institute, Municipal Public Transport Group, Hubei Science Technology Investment Group, Optics Valley Traffic Company and other units attended the meeting.