Contract Signing on Joint Building of Hydrogen Vehicle Industrial Innovation and Development PlatformDate:2016-09-23

On September 21, the signing ceremony of the hydrogen vehicle industry innovation and development platform co-built by Wuhan municipal government, Tongji University and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (hereinafter referred to as “Innovation and Development Platform”) was held in Wuhan. The platform will boost the innovation-driven development in Wuhan, upgrading and transformation of traditional vehicle industry and construction of national center city. It will highlight the new advantages and new position of Wuhan city in innovation development in the field of new energy vehicles in China.


Wan Yong, mayor of Wuhan, Yang Xianjin, Party secretary of Tongji University, Liu Yingzi, deputy mayor of Wuhan city, Peng Hao, secretary-general of Wuhan municipal government, Zhang Wentong, director of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Management Committee, Hao Xiang, Secretary of Party Committee of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wang Yanxin, president of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), and Hao Yiguo, president of IGE, attended the signing ceremony.

Wuhan boasts a strong foundation of automobile industry and the innovative development advantages of East Lake High-tech Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. Tongji University has the National Fuel Cell Vehicle and Power System Engineering Technology Research Center and the Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) has the world’s leading original disruptive industrialization technologies such as normal-temperature normal-pressure hydrogen storage. And relying on the industrial platform which is open and synergizes and operates global industrial innovation resources of Wuhan Industrial Technology Research Institute of Geo-resources and Environment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “IGE”), and through government-industry-education-research cooperation and cross-regional and interdisciplinary collaborative innovation, the platform can cultivate national strategic emerging industries, seize the commanding heights of the global hydrogen industry and promote the development of new energy industries along the Yangtze River Economic Belt.


The innovation and development platform focuses on smart hydrogen vehicles, with capital and industry as the link. It synergizes global innovation resources and advantageous industrial resources for hydrogen vehicle technology. It makes full use of the existing manufacturing resources of traditional vehicles, vigorously promotes hydrogen vehicle system integration innovation and industrialization demonstration and application, launches a new design of intelligent, hydrogen, lightweight, Internet-based self-owned branded intelligent hydrogen vehicles and is committed to promoting the industrialization of hydrogen vehicles along the direction of hydrogen bus (bus) - commercial vehicle (logistics car) - passenger car.

The platform is committed to key technologies in the industrialization of hydrogen vehicles and market-oriented operations. It aims to build a highland for intelligent hydrogen vehicle clusters in Wuhan to drive the strong development momentum of regional economy in Wuhan.

Wuhan municipal government provides RMB 200 million to support the development of hydrogen industry in advance. Meanwhile, the government, relying on IGE, will strive for the support from the industrial fund of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in Hubei province and jointly launch the RMB 10 billion hydrogen vehicle industry development fund in Wuhan.

Relying on the innovation development platform, Tiger will complete the trial manufacturing of the prototype of hydrogen bus and logistics car by the end of this year. And from next year, the Company will start small-batch production and demonstration operation. By 2020, talents, technological innovation resources and advantageous resources along the whole industrial line and hydrogen industrial capital all over the world will gather in Wuhan and have a global influence.

Wan Yong, mayor of Wuhan city, spoke highly of the signing ceremony between the three parties, which is very commemorative and will be included in the development history of hydrogen industry, especially that of hydrogen vehicle industry. He said that Wuhan is committed to building a national innovative city and a globally influential industrial innovation center, with unique advantages and conditions in innovation and vehicle industrialization. The co-development of hydrogen vehicle industry innovation and development platform is of great significance, and will be included in the development history of hydrogen industry, especially that of hydrogen vehicle industry, and will push the new energy industry in Wuhan to a new development process.

Wan Yong also spoke highly of the birth of the first normal-temperature normal-pressure hydrogen storage · hydrogen vehicle engineering prototype in Wuhan. He said that the birth of the “Tiger” prototype may only be a small step, but it is a major step in the development, industrialization and business model innovation of hydrogen vehicles. Wuhan will take the lead in using new energy vehicles.

Wan Yong fully affirmed the efforts made by the IGE in the field of hydrogen industrialization. He said that in the hydrogen industry, Wuhan was initially relying on the IGE to promote related work at the beginning.

Wan Yong said the three-party cooperation agreement signed by Wuhan municipal government, Tongji University and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) also built a brand-new cooperation model. He said he believed that with this good start and joint efforts of all parties, hydrogen vehicle industry in Wuhan will have a long and sustainable development. The municipal government will make the greatest efforts to create an environment, provide supports in policy, talent, capital and market for the development of hydrogen industry, and integrate regional and international innovation resources and innovation elements into Wuhan to provide a good environment for the research and development and industrialization in the two universities.

Yang Xianjin, Secretary of Party Committee of Tongji University, said hydrogen is an energy source for the future. The offline of “Tiger” prototype is of far-reaching significance. When I arrived in Wuhan, I trial rode it and felt very excited. I believe that in the future, throughout Wuhan and even the whole country, you will see the figure of “Tiger”.

Hao Xiang, secretary of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), said that China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) will further seize development opportunities, strive for first-class technological development in the industry and regional economic development, and make greater contributions for the innovation and development strategy.