Birth of Normal Temperature and Normal Pressure Hydrogen Storage · Hydrogen Engineering PrototypeDate:2016-09-23

On September 17, the first normal temperature and pressure hydrogen storage · hydrogen engineering prototype was born. The breakthrough in hydrogen storage technology at normal temperature and pressure will introduce the development of hydrogen industry. The milestone of hydrogen industrialization will come. The joint adjustment of the normal temperature and normal pressure hydrogen supply system and fuel cell vehicle power system also marked the breakthrough of global innovation in “hydrogen storage technology at normal temperature and pressure” in Wuhan.

Wan Yong, mayor of Wuhan, came to the site to express his concerns for technology personnel at the production line of Tiger Fuel Cell Vehicle Co., Ltd., and witnessed the historic moment of the successful connection between hydrogen storage and supply system at normal temperature and fuel cell power system. The mayor also tried to ride the bus and said that he will vigorously promote industrialization of hydrogen vehicles.


The engineering prototype of hydrogen vehicle named “Tiger” was jointly studied and developed by IGE Co., Ltd., a new technology service platform co-built by Hubei provincial government, Wuhan municipal government and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) by relying on the globally state-of-the-art original revolutionary “hydrogen storage technology at normal temperature and normal pressure” by Professor Cheng Hansong, expert of the first batch of “Thousand Talents Program” of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), together with Tongji University, Jiangsu Hynertech Co., Ltd. and Yangtze Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.

Energy revolution brings industrial revolution, and Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have been successively launching hydrogen vehicles large-scale production model. The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued Energy Technology Revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030), making development and utilization of hydrogen technology part of the national energy strategy. Wuhan municipal government has included hydrogen industry into its “13th Five-Year” development plan and Wuhan Manufacturing 2025 Action Plan. Mayor Wan Yong served as the leader of the municipal hydrogen industry development leading group, and fully promoted the development of hydrogen demonstration prototypes, midterm pilot base construction and demonstration line operation. It is committed to seizing the commanding heights of the global hydrogen industry.


Hydrogen is a clean renewable energy source with high energy density, but its special properties make it difficult to be stored at normal temperature and pressure. Professor Cheng Hansong and his team successfully overcame the worldwide problem of hydrogen storage at normal temperature and pressure. Opportunities for revolutionary development of hydrogen industrialization are coming.

“Tiger” hydrogen vehicle is driven by normal-temperature normal-pressure hydrogen storage · hydrogen power system. The normal-temperature normal-pressure hydrogen storage technology is with high hydrogen storage density, low transportation cost, convenient, fast, safe and stable. Infrastructure including the existing refueling stations can be fully taken advantage of and hydrogen storage material can be recycled, lowering the cost. Moreover, hydrogen vehicles only discharge water while driving, low-carbon and environmental friendly.

Hydrogen vehicle is the trend of future vehicle industry. With the successive release of hydrogen vehicles in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the era of the fast development of hydrogen vehicles has arrived. The successful research of normal-temperature normal-pressure hydrogen storage “Tiger” hydrogen vehicles will greatly promote the industrial application process of hydrogen in the field of vehicle, and help green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of traditional vehicles.